Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake

9 08 2007

Dr. Flake is now on the stage at the lead conference and the first thing that he said is has just brought up a world of questions, so I want to get your input (especially for those members of Word of Faith, or readers in the Dayton area). What do you think the problem (community problem) is? In other words, I know we have issues in education, we have issues in terms of the homeless, we have issues in terms of joblessness, and I know the church (the body of Christ), should be making a change in these areas.

Use the comments to give me your thoughts on what the problems are and your take on the solutions… Sound off!




4 responses

10 08 2007
esroh raw

The main community problem in my opinion is the commercialized ideal of life. You see we do what everybody does and exactly how they do it. If t.v says don’t do this we wont do it, if music says do this then we do it. Even our creativeness is commercialized, we call ourselves trying to do something different but we really copy whats popular and take it to our unpopular situation and say we made it up. This is why you have so many people in the body of Christ thats 50/50, because the church forgot that we are the standard we don’t need anything catchy to draw people they’re already drawn when you say you’re a Christian, we fail at the lifestyle part trying to keep up with image and a stained glass sense of reality. We even deal with issues like a Oprah Winfrey show. My point is nobody knows real life anymore we just wanna live a reality t.v show, now a days everybody’s a entertainer.

10 08 2007

I think my question or challenge to your post would center around what you feel innovation is… I do not think that we can stay stagnant, and I do not feel like we can put “old wine” in “new wine skins”. I think we often times try to package our message, the fresh message of the gospel, in the deep rooted mentality of oppression, depression, and frustration of the past. So, in order to make this a conversation, and not a debate, and to use the power of this medium to the fullest, what should our presentation of the message of Christ look like in your (or anyones) opinion? I am looking forward to your comments…

10 08 2007
esroh raw

Well, it should look different in different situations. Some people are ready to give their life to Christ they are just looking for a touchable annoiting. Most people in the states heard of the name of Jesus and from my expirience most people have been hurt by so called Jesus followers, so in some cases the message is fighting with stereo types and broken hearts. So all in all I think the the presentation of the message of Christ should look like Christ, real, ready to heal, ready to correct, ready to direct and ready to connect, with all people.

14 08 2007

The community’s problem is that we are no longer a community. There is no unity, PERIOD. I heard a woman on the radio that said ” Martin Luther King didn’t get killed because he had a dream, he got killed because he had a PLAN! He was uniting the people no matter what color, white, green, black, red, underprivileged, underpayed, preyed upon, and the undertow of society. He also appealed to those that had relative wealth so he was a person who held sway over the people, which gave him political power. If you have the people and create unity then change is unevitable, and that is why he is considered a Civil Rights Leader. Blacks were not the only race fighting with King. Whites were persecuted to for believing in Equal Rights also. PEOPLE DON’T GET KILLED OVER A DREAM! PLAN YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR PLAN and CHANGE WILL COME. UNITY IS THE KEY!

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